Water Injection

This simple system, which is like our HHO electrolizer, adds water "vapor" into your engine cylinder, condensing the fuel mixture, as the vapor turns to steam, it atomizes the fuel into smaller particles which burns more efficient.

The system is, usually, made up of 3 elements:

  • A water injector (similar to a fuel injector)
  • A high pressure pump (capable of attaining at least 3 to 4 bar pressure and sometimes even more)
  • A pressure sensor connected to the inlet manifold
  • An inlet air temperature sensor

A similar system was used in airplanes during WWII. Water was injected into the cylinders on demand to boost horsepower on demand during climbs and dogfight maneuvers. There was only a limited supply of water available for injection on the fighters, but it was considered a valuable advantage. This system was used in several German planes as well as in the famous P51 Mustang and the F4U Corsair.

For more information

For a complete treatment on the subject of water injection, please see our book by depressing this link titled, "Essential Guide to Conserving Fuel in Motor Vehicles". 



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