Tom from Alternative Fuels NowAt ALTERNATIVE FUELS NOW we are determined to inform and educate the general public on the options and advantages which are out there other than BURNING fossil fuels.

I live what I advocate. I had purchased a reel push mower 2 years ago, and I have not driven my ride-on mower ever since. No gas smell, noise, or maintenance, nor do I need to drive to the gas station to refill my container. I get exercise, (which I think many of us could use...), enjoy the outdoors, my 3 year old son can help, and most important, I am not polluting OUR environment. Depress "GEET MOWER" for an alternative.

I have been driving a car fueled by waste vegetable oil for the past 4 years, keeping the oil out of the restaurant dumpsters, land fills, and wherever else it ends up. It is a renewable fuel that is being reused - recycled. The more we reuse, the less pollutants and toxins end up in OUR atmosphere.






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