Important Information About Your Electronic Fuel Injection System

But What About Oxygen Sensors and Electronic Fuel Injection?

When you add an HHO cell to your car, and you have electronic fuel injection (all newer cars do), you must use an EFIE. Here's why:


Electronic Fuel Injection systems rely upon sensors and a computer to calculate the amount of fuel to supply to the engine. For any given volume of air, the fuel delivery system in an car engine must deliver enough fuel so that the air to gas mixture is a 14.5: 1 ratio. The electronic fuel injection system does this by measuring the exhaust of the vehicle through the O2 (oxygen) sensor and compensating the amount of fuel going through the injectors based upon this measurement.

When using HHO injection systems in cars with electronic fuel injection (EFI), the more efficient combustion results in a changed exhaust mixture and the computer 'senses' that an adjustment needs to be made to the mixture. The result is that the EFI control system sends more fuel into the cylinders, thus negating the advantage of increased combustion efficiency achieved by the HHO cell.

Of course this topic of EFI compensation can be very detailed, and you can read more about it at

To get the engine with an HHO system installed to deliver the right amount of fuel and get the increase in fuel mileage, it is necessary to correct the signal from the O2 sensor to the computer. This is accomplished with a simple, inexpensive device called an EFIE.

An EFIE gets connected between the cars electronic fuel injection control system (computer) and the O2 sensor, and changes the signal to the computer so that it provides the correct amount of fuel to the engine for the conditions. With an EFIE added to the EFI system, a vehicle running with an HHO cell will realize it's full potential in fuel savings.

There are two types of oxygen sensors used in cars, and you can read more about the two types of oxygen Sensors at Basically, most cars use the older, two wire, narrow band O2 sensor. Some new vehicles use the five wire, wide band O2 sensor. will help you determine which type of sensor you have, and what type of EFIE you need. Their EFIEs

  • Come with clear, easy to follow instructions
  • Are easy to install
  • Will correct the O2 sensor signal

Be sure to order your EFIE to maximize the mileage benefits you get from your hydrogen injection HHO kit.


In additon, another way to trim the fuel is by wiring the vehicles computer to a potentiometer rather than an oxygen sensor. This will afford you to lower the RPMs from 700 down to 300 and run on HHO rather than gas or diesel. Good stuff all documented in our essential guide series.

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For a complete treatment on the subject of saving fuel, please see our book by depressing this link titled, "Essential Guide to Conserving Fuel in Motor Vehicles".


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