HydUnitInstalled1We offer Alternative Energy and Fuel options and products for a "Green", cleaner and more sustainable environment. We provide information on DIY projects and additional informative links. Topics include:

As we become more aware of our "Green" options such as Wind, Solar, Microturbines, and Hydro water energy solutions, we go back to our roots before fossil fuels. Sustainable and renewable energy solutions will help insure that we leave an inhabitable Earth for our children and their children.

Ask us about the following electric power products by calling (888) 653 6204:

  • Fourteen (14) Electrical Efficiency Technologies to Crush Your Electric Bill
  • Five (5) Technologies to Make the Electric Grid your Backup (Depress this button to learn more about Buildings and Comfort)

The blueprint to reality mantra means we need to survey your property (vehicles and buildings) so we know which green technology is applicable in your design (Depress this button to see What We Do).



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